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Street Wars (2011)
Street Wars 2011 : Elijah Kane (Steven Segal), the head of a crack undercover police unit, leads his team in a race against time to bring to justice the cold blooded gang flooding the Seattle streets with a lethal drug.Steven Seagal has ventured from movies into the world of TV with varying success. Of late, big Papa has looked a little weary in his film outings. When once he snapped many a neck with aplomb and gusto, he now doesn’t seem to have much heart for the job in hand. Obliterating evil doers just doesn’t seem to fill Steve-o with the sense of pride and fulfilment that it used to. Seagal’s first foray into TV, was the reasonably successful fly on the wall docu, Lawman. The show, kind of like Cops, with Steven Seagal, followed the ponytailed Adonis (well, if you believe Seagal himself!) around during his shifts as a genuine member of the Sherrif’s department. It was a little put on, a little stagey, but then again, most reality shows these days are. But on a side note, would you want to get arrested by Steven Seagal? Certainly, if Out For Justice was anything to go by, resisting arrest would be a bad idea. Following Lawman, Seagal opted to portray a fictional detective as well in True Justice.

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