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Glorya - STRONGER (Produced by Thrace Music)

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Thrace Music presents "STRONGER" ! Worldwide premiere.Enjoy !LYRICS : Now that I'm away And you're beging me to stay ,Just one day to show you howTo live your last days Alone from now.I love my life without you cause you're nothing for me,I love my life without you take your poison heart back,I've lost so many years with a man like you,You don't deserve me , don't deserve me Tell me , do you ?I'm walking on the street,But now I know that I'm stronger,Stronger than before,You took me everything but I still have what I want for meI have my girls, I have my friends, I have all that really matters to me,I have the stars, I have the moon, I have the sea right beside me , right beside meI'm stronger, I'm stronger, I'm stronger,Don't you see ?Ye yeah,I'm stronger, I'm stronger, I'm stronger,Ye Yeah , Ye yeah , Ye yeah..You even can't destroy me,And all that you do it makes me laughHa ha , a ha , ha ha haha,And you don't even have a life,Just buy one , buy also a heart,Ye yeahYou think that with your madness,You're gonna make me cry,Baby, I have no tears on my face and the last thing I do,I'm saying to you , a big goodbyeContact : christhrace@gmail.comFacebook : / Orchestration by Chris ThraceLyrics by GloryaMix / Master by Chris ThraceArtwork by AddeR***PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD !ALL OTHER VIDEOS UPLOADED WILL BE DELETED !***©&Ⓟ 2012 Thrace Music

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